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5 social media myths you need to know

From frogloop.com, a marketing blog for nonprofit and fundraising:

  1. A Facebook page can't replace your website. [...] Organizations don’t truly own their data. Facebook can pull your page down any time they think you violated their TOS.
  2. Social Media is a great fundraising tool. Just look at the success of Obama’s last Presidential Campaign. [...] Your organization is not the Obama campaign. And you are not running for the President of the United States.
  3. Build an app. [...] Consider what the "All-Time Top 20 Iphone Apps" are: IFart, Facebook, IBeer, Google Earth, Super Monkey Ball, The Weather Channel, etc.
  4. Social Media is a free way to build your brand and list. [...] And as you know staff is not free and time is money.
  5. Social Media should be it’s own department. [...] Toss social media into the mix and organizations struggle with where this fits into the organization.

With which one of these do you disagree/agree most?

  • http://xa40912.tumblr.com Xavier Lambrix

    Agree most with 5. although I think someone should hold final responsibility… so in which dept. do you “fit” this someone?
    Disagree a bit with 2 and 4.  I think Social media is indeed a tool/platform.  It will work if you treat it as a supporting piece in a bigger whole.  It’s no more than any other tool you use, so no it’s not free, but “there is no such thing as a free lunch” ;)

  • http://lym.skynetblogs.be Slosse

    I agree most with 4. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.