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Smartphones are inherently social

Some interesting thoughts from mobile eating the world, by Benedict Evans:

  • Smartphones are inherently social, unlike the desktop web. Smartphone address book is a ready-made social graph that all apps can tap into.
  • People happily abandon history. Remember Myspace, Bebo, Tuenti, Orkut...
  • People appear to regard almost all of what they share on a social network as transitory - and not just for Snapchat. People walk away from the archive - social detox.
  • People jump from network to network and abandon old ones. All that matters is what your friends use today.

2013 11 mobile eating the world from Benedict Evans

Share of time spent on social media by device: Tumblr is most desktop driven platform

From CHART: Here's How Mobile Social Networks Have Become @ businessinsider.com.au:

[M]obile usage is exploding. Advertisers’ desire for guaranteed attention, coupled with this explosion, helps to explain social media’s move away from traditional display ads — like Facebook’s right-rail ads — and toward so-called native ads that surface in a user’s stream, either as a tweet or a Facebook post.


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Social features of your app: how to to create value for your users

From 6 ways to shake up social in your app @ slideshare.net:

Many apps add social as a mechanism to spread the word but this doesn't always fly too well with the users as it's regarded as shameless promotion. However, there are social additions that have boosted apps enormously by providing convenience, interaction or expression.

In short:

  1. Complement the user journey
  2. Social intereaction with a clear purpose
  3. Provide an outlet for users to express themselves
  4. Motivate or encourage
  5. Give users a sense of involvement
  6. Don't make it too intrusive
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Small Business Field Guide to SoLoMo: get social, think local, spend on mobile

From Small Business Field Guide to SoLoMo @ synecore:

Today’s sophisticated consumers are using mobile devices more than ever and they're using them to access social media and business web/ecommerce sites. People are constantly on their smartphones and tablets looking for things to do or to buy. In order to attract and keep this audience, your brand needs an integrated approach to SoLoMo. You need to get social, think local, and spend on mobile. Check out this infographic which helps show the importance of a SoLoMo approach.


Mobile devices, and the effect they have on the amount of data traffic

Today, the number of networked devices is equal to the global population.
By 2015, the number of networked devices will be twice the global population.
In 2015, it would take you 5 years to view all video crossing IP networks each second.

More in this infographic by intel:

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ComScore: In Belgium 93% of online population uses social media

In their annual report global management firm comScore released some striking stats on the penetration and usage of social media platforms throughout the world.

Regardless of how open or closed a society may be, it is safe to assume that more than half of local online populations are engaging in online social networking, making the practice comparatively ubiquitous around the world.

In Europe, for example, 98% of the online population in the U.K. is active on social networks.

Further reading:



Mobile users’ activity on social sites is growing

Internet marketing research firm comScore just released a study that illustrates how mobile users’ activity on social sites is growing spectacularly. During August 2011, 72.2 million Americans aged 13 and up accessed social networking sites and blogs on their mobile devices. That’s an increase of 37 percent in just the past year.
For more than half of the current mobile social media audience, visiting social networks and blogs on their mobile devices is part of their everyday routine. And, though many of these mobile users are accessing social media with mobile browsers, the increased use of social networking apps must be underscored.

Further reading:


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Word of the day: SoLoMo (social, location, mobile)

From WordSpy, the Word Lover's guide to new words:

n. Mobile phone apps that combine social networking and location data. [Social + location (or local) + mobile.]

The term caught my eye in Google Defines Social Strategy at InformationWeek.com:

SoLoMo offers a reminder that data sets do not exist in a vacuum. Search expert and Web 2.0 Conference co-chair John Battelle has described several categories of data that are relevant to Google and its kin: There's the social graph (contacts, friends), interest data (likes, tweets, recommendations), search data (queries, history), purchase data (what you buy, credit card numbers), location data (where you are, have been, and are going), and content data (behavior when engaged with content).

An example: I'm in Diegem, and hungry. I use the Google App on my smartphone to give a "pizza" voice command. The app returns search results for pizza deliveries in a 20 km radius of Diegem, who are open right now, with clickable phone numbers to order and sorted by the amounts of "likes" or ratings from people within my social graph.

Below is a chart that shows how different players in the field are looking for their own value proposition within the SoLoMo space. Anyone know who the author/source is?