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Facebook’s Timeline for Pages: how does it affect your FB strategy?

The roll-out last week of the new Timeline for Facebook Pages call for a revived approach to how brands use Facebook.

To recap, a quick overview of the most important changes.

What's gone:

Left-side menu with Tabs
Tabs no longer appear in a left-side menu. Applications and tabs appear as “favorites” beneath cover photo as thumbnails. You select four to display.
Deal with reduced tab visibility by using fewer but better Facebook apps focusing on the 2-3 apps that can be visible ‘above the fold’ on your page.

Default landing tabs
Overcome the inability to set default landing tabs for apps (such as a splash page app) with more Facebook advertising to guide people to your Facebook apps.

What's changed:

New sizes for visuals

  • Branded cover photo: 851x315 pixels
  • profile pic: 125X125 pixels
  • Tab apps and content: 810 pixel width
  • App icons: 111×74 pixels

What's new:

Cover photo
The branded cover photo allows for maximum creativity. Rethink how you present yourself on Facebook. Be careful not to break Facebook's terms: cover photos cannot contain price or promotional information, contact info, calls to action or references to any Facebook features like ‘Like’ or ‘Share’.

Private messages from your fans
Fans and non-fans alike can send a direct, private message to the Page. This feature can be disabled.
Use private messages between brand and user to deal with any support enquiries. It could de-clutter your Timeline from support inquiries, but be careful not to frustrate your Fans by not answering their requests in time.

Pinned and starred posts
Feature priority content by using the new ‘pin’ feature that allows a post to remain at the top of your page for 7 days.
Pinned posts keep important stories at the top of the highlights feed for up to 7 days.
Page posts can also be ‘starred’. Starring makes a post go full width across the highlights feed to prominently feature the story.

Timeline, not only adds the date but also automatically inserts geo-targeted posts for fans in that country/city. Publish the life story of your business of your through milestone events in a timeline.

According to Social@Ogilvy, the brand world will soon be divided into those who fully "adopt" Timeline, and those who simply "migrate" their old strategy and ways of working to the new feature set. Brands looking to adopt must consider and prepare for the hidden implications of Timeline - reallocation of resources, increased creative involvement, a reset of content process, the new profile of community managers and more.

Check out their most recent Slideshare presentation for a summary of the Pages changes and the hidden implications of Facebook Timeline for brands.


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