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Fmeme tracks what’s “Hot On Facebook”

From sharing is more than fans friends and followers @ blog.joelrubinson.net - based on a March 2011 scan of 7 billion pages that use the ShareThis widget:

Sharing is bigger than fans, friends, and followers. Facebook accounted for 38% of inbound traffic driven by sharing activity. [...] Sharing is big. It accounts for nearly half of the referral traffic that search accounts for.

But how do you track what's being shared on Facebook around a specific topic?

Fmeme tries to map that, by displaying the Hottest Links On Facebook in several categories, like Arts, Entertainment, Gaming, Lifestyle, or Offbeat. It also has a pretty decent search function, but no ways of "following" the content with e.g. RSS feeds or email alerts.

To give you an idea, the most popular BMW related content on Facebook in the past week is:

  1. BMW 1M - Helipad - MPowered Performance Part 2 @ YouTube.com
  2. BMW Museum ArtCar Exhibition Videoclips @ bmw-artcartour.com
  3. BMW logo evolution @ logodesignlove.com
  4. BMW Museum ArtCar Exhibition Videoclips 40 minute video @ bmw-artcartour.com
  5. BMW 5-series commercial is remade on the Shell Ferrari ad of 1997 @ usa.indiandrives.com