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How to find your company’s natural social media rock stars

When it comes to their social media strategy, businesses have two options:

  1. Hire an outside firm
  2. Hnable employees to manage social media

From How to train your employees to handle your social media infographic @ Mindflash.com:

Though outside firms sometimes seem like the safest choice, many companies find that their own employees make natural brand ambassadors and can use their networks to create new clients and generate buzz.
In order to do this successfully, your employees must be effectively trained based on their social media skills.

Mindflash.com distinguishes 5 different groups:

  1. The digital native: social media is a part of his daily life. Training should focus more on the company's specific social media goals and how to measure returns, and less on how to use the techology.
  2. The savvy technologist: not raised on social media platforms, but taught himself to use them. Focus on the social media platforms the company wants to utilize, and how you wish to engage audiences on them.
  3. The reluctant user: is familiar enough with social media, but has not adopted them into his daily life. Teach advanced use of the social networks they are familiar with, and how to get started with less familiar tools.
  4. The digital contrarian: opposes the digital age and feels that social media is just a passing fad or waste of time. Explain how and why businesses benefit from skilled social media campaigns, and why such tacts are useful to the company.
  5. The digital newbie is extremely new to social media and the digital world, and may not have the skill necessary to freely navigate the networks. Train them on how to use the social media platforms your company has deemed important to its digital campaigsn, and educate them on what the company's goals are.
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