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Report: The Evolution of Social Business

From The Gap Between Social Media and Business Impact: 6 stages of social business transformation @ briansolis.com:

In their newly released report The Evolution of Social Business - Six Stages of Social Business Transformation, Charlene Li and Brian Solis uncover a notable gap between organizations that executive social media programs and campaigns and those that specifically invest in social business strategies:

In fact, we found that only 34% of businesses felt that their social strategy was connected to business outcomes and just 28% felt that they had a holistic approach to social media, where lines of business and business functions work together under a common vision. A mere 12% were confident they had a plan that looked beyond the next year. And, perhaps most astonishing was that only one half of companies surveyed said that top executives were “informed, engaged and aligned with their companies’ social strategy.”

The Evolution of Social Business: Six Stages of Social Media Transformation from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare