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Social Media decision maker: are you thinking long term?

In a 27-page report Career Path of the Corporate Social Strategist: Be Proactive or Become Social Media Help Desk, web strategist Jeremiah Owyang explores the two possible career paths for the social media decision maker in a company (he calls them Social Strategists, but you might just as well think of them as Conversation Managers).
In short:

  • Most Social Strategists and their programs lack maturity, with only 23% of Social Strategists having a formalized program with long-term direction.
  • They are overwhelmed with six major challenges – with little relief in sight:
    1. Resistance from internal culture,
    2. Measuring ROI,
    3. Lack of resources,
    4. An ever-changing technology space,
    5. Resentment and envy of the role,
    6. A looming increase in business demands.

With demands just about to increase, they have two possible career paths:

  1. Fall behind in requests from vocal customers and internal business units, thereby becoming reactive which we call the “Social Media Help Desk”, or
  2. Develop a proactive program that gets ahead of the demands, and operate from a strategic planning position.

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