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Who owns social media?

If your company is serious about introducing a social dimension to its activities, this dimension must be embraced by every department
and embedded within the company culture as a whole. This means that everyone in the organisation at every level of the organisational
structure must change the way they work.

From Report: Brands Pursue the Social Consumer by Brian Solis:

While who owns social media may be the wrong question to ask, social media for the time being, appears to live in one primary department. Over time however, social media will extend the capacity of any business unit or division affected by outside behavior. When asked which departments are currently involved in social media 90 percent of participants pointed to marketing. Public relations followed with 64 percent. Sales showed a strong presence with 46 percent and customer service also made the list with a solid 39 percent. I found it interesting that investor relations made an official appearance the list. Even with 8 percent, it’s a telling sign of things to come.

  • http://twitter.com/netlash Bart De Waele

    I’m missing HR in that list.