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Who uses Twitter and what are they sharing?

From my upcoming book on Social Media for businesses:

There are currently 110 million users of Twitter’s services.  Yet Twitter is far from mainstream: less than 11% of all U.S. Internet users visit Twitter, with 5-7% of those using Twitter actually participating on the platform. According to the New York Times, about 17% of all Twitter users are between 13 and 17, with just 2% of all users in the pre-teen demographic. Teens say they don’t need Twitter because text messaging is their main method of communication and they are more accustomed to the Facebook platform.

Twitter's platform is growing fast: it gets more than 300,000 new users every day and 180 million unique visits each month. Over 60% of Twitter use is outside the U.S.

According to a June 2010 blog post at bvlg.blogspot.com, the number of Twitter accounts in Belgium can be estimated at 75,000 to 100,000.

A recent Pew Internet survey showed that 6 percent of the general U.S. population uses Twitter.
New data over at Flowtown.com: